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Campo de' Fiori

When I am travelling something that I really love to do is. Wake up early in the morning, time that everything is very fresh and visit the local market to take a lot of photos, see how the locals shop and try something authentic.

If you are like me, Campo de' Fiori is perfect spot. In the heart of the Rome center historical, not just locals comes to do the market but also a lot of tourist searching for the fresh Italian fruits, vegetable, herbs, cheese, pasta ......

Famous for the episode of the philosopher Giordano Bruno who died flared on the stake due to the Catholic Inquisizione's charge of heresy on the 17th of february 1600 d.C. Today Campo de' Fiori is the site of an odd market with a typical atmosphere. Campo de' Fiori represents one of the places where Rome shows with most transparency its pure character.

From the early morning with its open market, with its counters of fruits and vegetables, with its coloured flowers and its unmistakable fragance of bread and pizza just taken out of the oven from the “craftsmen” of “Forno Campo de’ Fiori. During the night, the square turns into a place for meeting and entertainment for young people. The area, in fact, is full of restaurants, outdoor cafes, nightclubs, cinemas and theatres among the best of the city.

The outdoor market is open everyday from early in the morning till 4 p.m. o clock when them leave the piazza (square) free for night activities and events.

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