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Vespa the authentic transportation of Rome

One thing that I love when I am travelling in a new city, not just to see and explore the tourist hotspot but also the local sights. I try to get out of the typical tourist path and merge myself on the local spots, that for me is more authentic, unique and always I come back home with many beautiful photos and great memories.

In Rome one of the good way to explore the city and visit unique stops, neighbors out of the center historical is by the authentic Italian vespa.

The vespas are everywhere in Rome, the Italian loves the vespa and became a symbol of Rome and Italy. This 125 cc is the fast, cheap and best way to move around the city if you want to explore areas and neighbors out of the center historical. They can take you to reach stops that you would never reach by public transportation, walking or taxi would you cost a lot more.

One full day with a vespa or scooter will make you reach a lot of places in short time, saving you a lot of money. If you are like me when you are travelling that like to have freedom, move easy, fast, cheap to explore the maxim you can of the city has to offer, rent one vespa or scooter in Rome for at least one full day, I really recommend to you.

For me the best day to rent a scooter or a vespa is on weekends, when the number of the cars on the road and streets is much less, making you easy and safe to move around.

Please just pay a lot of attention all the time, drive very carefully, save and recommend always that you are in holiday and not in hurry. Enjoy the view, the braise and have fun.

Rent Scooter Roma is very well located and is one of the most cheap place to rent a scooter or vespa in Rome. The vespas and scooters are very new and they have a office to give you all the assistance that you need.

The cost to rent a scooter per day (24 hours) is 50 euros. The vespa will cost 60 euros. If you rent for more days the price will cost less.

You can check the website and get all the information how to rent a scooter or vespa in Rome.

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Make your reservation in advance

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