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Santa Marinella

Who said that Rome doesn't have beach is completely wrong. To the ones that love to escape from the busy of the center of Rome city, Santa Marinella is a perfect spot to chill out and relax along the beach.

Santa Marinella is called the Pearl of the Tyrrhenian for the beauty of its beaches and cliffs, the numerous sites of great historical-archaeological and naturalistic importance and the characteristic old town overlooking the sea.

The most exclusive holiday destination for the inhabitants of the Capital offers the possibility of combining the sea, outdoor sports and entertainment without renouncing tranquility.

The town of Santa Marinella was born around the historic railway by the will of Prince Baldassarre Odescalchi who buys at auction the "Tenuta di Santa Marinella" owned by the Pio Istituto di Santo Spirito in Sassia in 1887.

The mandate to fight the land purchased was entrusted to the architect Ojetti and the first buyers were exponents of the aristocracy and the upper class bourgeois Roman who built beautiful Liberty Villas, many of which you can still run around walking in the historic center.

The best way to get to Santa Marinella is by car or by train where you can get a train direct from Termini, the central station in Rome City to Santa Marinella.

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