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Colosseum. The symbol maxim of Rome

I know Rome have a lot more than just the Colosseum, of course are more than 2500 years of history. But I guess if you ask people around the world which the image come in the mind when you say the word Rome. I am pretty sure 80% of the people would say the image that comes in them mind is Colosseum and the gladiator's battles. Specially after the famous hollywood move The Gladiator.

A place that today is the best and most competitive spot in the city to register a photo and make a propose marry, not so long ago, was the place where the roman used to hang out for spectacle of blood and death by the life of many slaves ... The arena was used to host spectacular public entertainment events such as gladiator fights, wild animal hunts and public executions to the people focus on the battle and games that were happened in the Colosseum and to not focus on the politician.

The construction of the Colosseum was begun in 72 CE in the reign of Vespasian on the site that was once the lake and gardens of  Emperor Nero's Golden House. Opened in 80 CE in the reign of Titus, Vespasian’s eldest son, with a one hundred day gladiator spectacular and was finally completed in the reign of the other son, Domitian. The finished building was like nothing seen before and situated between the wide valley joining the Esquiline, Palatine and Caelian hills, it dominated the city.

With a height of 45 metres high (150 feet). Width of 189 x 156 metres. An oval arena measuring 87.5 m by 54.8 m. Roofed awning of canvas and a capacity for 50,000 spectators, crazy fans waiting for the battles.

Have the opportunity to walk in this place, in this rocks that tell so many stories a long this time is of course one of the highlight of the city and symbol of Rome.

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To visit the Colosseum has two ways. Both include also Roman Forum & Palatine

  • By yourself that coast 12 euros per person

  • With guide and skip the line that coast from 35 + euros per person

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most of your time in this magical city.

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