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Castle of Sant'Angelo

A very beautiful spot, just on the margin of tiber's river in the heart of Rome, another ancient monument is the Castle of Sant' Angelo. A perfect place to hang around, appreciate the view, take a lot of photos, enjoy some street shows that happen all the time with a variety of artist.

Castel Sant’Angelo’s story is as complex as the multi-layered structure of the castle itself. Its walls have seen more than 1800 years of blood, wars and death. It was first built between 123 and 139 AD to serve as the mausoleum of the Roman emperor, Hadrian, and his family. Legend has it that the name of the castle was given after the Archangel Michael appeared at the top of the castle sheathing his sword and with that, ending the plague of 590 which tormented Rome. An imposing statue of the angel can be seen on top of the castle. In the 14th century, Castel Sant’Angelo took on the role of a military fortress connected to the Vatican through an elevated passageway which still exists today, “Passetto di Borgo”. It was later used as a prison; a place where executions were carried out and where prisoners were left to starve. In 1901, it became a wonderfully rich museum which harbors relics of its tumultuous past. Today, it graces the Roman skyline with its golden lights, and is visited by many during their stay in Rome.

The normal price of the entrance to the museum is 10 euros and is open everyday. You can buy tickets direct in the entrance or from the many promoter that will approach you with some special deals. In case you want to visit the castle and the museum, I recommend you to visit afternoon, sunset time, because from up to the castle you will appreciate a wonderful sunset that set behind the Vatican, just in front the Castle San't Angelo.

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