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Gregor Morosini Gatti

Photographer / Video Maker


Photography for me is more than just likes and followers. I believe in memories and it has no price for me. Memories and stories that lives forever, registered in very unique moment in time and space, in a fractions of seconds by a  moment's clicked. Photography is a comunication without any language translate, is the pure, simple and beauty expression of the present  life moment.


Travel More. Create Better Memories

Travel for me is a mindset mentality. You don't have to go as far as you can but be open a new experiences and learn by it, creating better memories.


Black & White Photos

Black & White photos makes my mind blow on the way to focus on the information, the roots, the soul of the object. Letting me paint and create my owner colors experiences. 


Aero Photos

With drone technology today allow us to see the world from a bird view and it for me is fantastic, stop the time from this angle of view.

Nature / Landscapes

Nature is our home, is where we came from and register 


Fashion / Street

Beauty, fashion for me is be yourself attitude on the way to create and let free your nature fantasy. 

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