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"Capturing the moments of today that will wow your heart tomorrow."

Register your best moments and create beautiful long lasting memories.

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Private Photo Tour

4 hours around Rome with a professional private photographer.  Visit  the best  local and tourist spots and take  unique amazing photos. 


You will  choose  the photos in the end of the tour. All the photos that you picked, will be edited and send by email in the same day in high resolution.


Minimun 25 photos. 

Price of the Tour

10 euros booking fee at the begin per person.  At the end, you decide the value of your experience and that's what you pay for the tour.

Send me an email below to get all the information about the private photography tour in Rome and make your reservation in advance. 

Thanks you very much ! Soon as possible I will send you an email back with all the details and information about the private walking photography tour in Rome and How you can make your reservation.



Gregor Morosini Gatti

Photography for me is more than just likes and followers.

I believe in memories and it has no price for me. Memories and stories that lives forever. Registered, freezed in a fractions of second, clicked in very unique special moment, in time and



Photography has the power to stop the time forever, to comunicate without any language translation, in the most pure, simple and beauty expressions of the present life moments.


One picture is worth a thousand words and a number of images create an unforgettable memories ...