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Your Local Private Photographer
In Rome

"Capturing the moments of today that will wow your heart tomorrow."

 Register your best moments and create beautiful long lasting memories.


Visit the top local and tourist spots and capture unique, stunning photos.

Private Photo tour

Only for you and your family, friends ...


Experience a flexible 4-hour photo tour around Rome, customized to your desires.


At the end of the tour, you'll select your favorite photos. 


All the selected photos will be edited and send by email on the SAME DAY in high resolution.

Email me for all the details and make your reservation in advance.

Thanks you very much ! Soon as possible I will send you an email back with all the details and information about the private walking photography tour in Rome and How you can make your reservation.

One picture is worth a thousand words and a number of images create an unforgettable memories ...



Gregor Morosini Gatti

I believe in memories and it has no price for me. Memories and stories that lives forever. Registered, freezed in a fractions of second, clicked in very unique special moment, in time and


Photography has the power to stop the time forever, to comunicate without any language translation, in the most pure, simple and beauty expressions of the present life moments.

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Make your photo tour Reservation in Advance.

Thanks you very much ! Soon as possible I will send you an email back with all the details and information about the private walking photography tour in Rome and How you can make your reservation.

Only one tour per day.

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What People Say

Thank you thank you so much Gregor you were amazing, we had so much fun, in love with Rome now, hope come back soon to this beautiful city.

Thank you so much Gregor, with all the attention you had with me and all my family, we will never forget it. Rome wouldn't be the same without you there to help us around. 

My social medias are pumping up now with your photos. Thank you so much Gregor for the beautiful photos and for show me the city.

We hate to look and be guided by maps, especially in Italy where the streets are like as labyrinths. Gregor made our life so easy and we save a lot of time. Thank you so much.

I had only one day in Rome, I wouldn't expected to see so many things and come back home with amazing photos. Definitely I couldn't do it without you Gregor. Thank you so much for the day and the experiences we shared.


Rome - The Eternal City


I know Rome have a lot more than just the Colosseum, of course are more than 2500 years of history. But I guess if you ask people around the world which ... read more 

Colosseum. The symbol maxim of Roma.

The Magnificent Pantheon

For 99% of the tourist that visit Rome, the Pantheon is for sure on the check list. Everyday thousand and thousand of tourist goes to the Piazza della Rotonda, in the center of the historical city of Rome to visit the famous Pantheon.... read more


Castle of Sant' Angelo


A very beautiful spot, just on the margin of tiber's river in the heart of Rome, another ancient monument is the Castle of Sant' Angelo. A perfect place to hang around, appreciate the view, take a lot of photos,... read more